From Where Does The Trend Come From?

Cardigans have been the trend for years and they also probably have been your closet partner since long. But, have you ever thought about from where does this trend of wearing Cardigans has started? Most likely, no one of us is interested in knowing anything other than WHAT’S IN FASHION. But, some things have got such histories which make ordinary things look interesting and same goes for Cardigans.

The Origin of Cardigans

Fashion Cardigans are a trend of today and can be worn comfortably with some looks. No matter whether you want to wear jeans or khakis, shorts or dresses or a sweater to protect you from cold and doesn’t make you look backward, Cardigans will cover up all the areas for you. The accepted history of Cardigans is that they were first worn by James Thomas Brudenell who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan during the Crimean War and the name of this vest or jacket was given to him.

 In the beginning, they were composed of materials like wool as sweaters to save from cold and give a trendy look, containing buttons or zip in front to cover the front area. Nowadays, their look has changed according to the trending styles. 

We all must have watched the famous children’s TV show in which Mr. Rogers, the host constantly wore Cardigans in every show. It would not be wrong to say that he is the most famous and most watched wearer of Cardigans, and we all grew up seeing him in different Cardigans. 

A story was also heard about a Bulgarian radio editor who was injected a poisonous pellet by an agent, but the poison didn’t affect the editor due to the wool Cardigan he was wearing. 

How To Carry Cardigans?

Fashion Cardigans are worn commonly by both men and women, and Madigan is the name given to Cardigan worn by men. These Cardigans are made up of some materials but if you are trying to protect yourself from cold or breeze, then wearing wool or cotton cardigan is the best choice for you.

They can give a new look to your old closet, the only thing you have to know is how to carry them properly. Some likes to carry it as a jacket or some prefers to carry it as their whole attire; the choice is surely yours.