Types And Varieties

Cardigans are found in some varieties no matter whether you want the type of style or variety in material.



The materials can be wool, acrylic, lambs wool, cotton and a lot more. The variations in the material can be made keeping in mind the season of the year in which you are going to shop cardigans; you can easily buy hand-knitted wool cardigans during winters or simply machine-made cardigans during summers.



Fashion Cardigans have got some variations in their texture as well. The texture can be like cable knits, honeycombs, etc. Well in the long run of colors and textures it ultimately depends upon your own choice and comfortability which nobody knows better than you.


Color selection of your cardigan matters a lot as you carry this vest throughout the year. Dark colors like black or brown are carried out during winters or these colors for cardigans are also assumed as a sophisticated choice. In contrast, bright colors like red, yellow, etc. are worn during summers and are expected to give your personality a lively look. Again, this all goes along with your choice.



Fashion Cardigans comes in some types depending on the extent of warmth you are in need of. These varieties may vary from thin knits to medium knits which can be worn for indoor and outdoor use. Otherwise, cable knits are a better choice during winters.



Just like any other cloth the fitting of your cardigan also matters. But fortunately, this is not a very serious issue in case of Cardigans as they’ve got the capability of fitting against your body style. Ideally, the length of your cardigan should be long enough that it hides your waist belt and fits your arms and waist excellently.


Fashion Cardigans Choice According To Your Body Shape

Your fashion definition depends mostly on the shape of your body. If you have a tummy than wearing a long length straight cut cardigan is the best option for you whereas short cardigans can make you look more fat. V-shaped cardigans with buttons starting from the lower bottom are a suitable option for those having large bust rather than skinny cardigan which will give a heavy look to the body. Similarly, there are various cardigans designed for different body shapes, seasons and fashions. The only thing you have to do is to keep in mind all the priorities and visit the market.